The guiding and tuition we offer is dedicated to a single pursuit: free movement in the mountains. Beginning with taster sessions, we offer guided walks and runs, structured courses and alpine excursions. Based in South Lakeland, we offer some of the finest routes in Britain,combined with years of route finding in the Alps. Whether you are an experienced runner, a novice or seeking a new mountain discipline, our aim is to help you feel at home and confident in the mountains. Our focus is not exclusively on fitness, but takes in a broader appreciation of the mountain environment, culture and history of mountain sport.


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Like many in UK mountain sports, the Alps are our inspiration. Our early experiences there led to free and explorative running, which has in turn influenced the way we approach our native mountains: fast, light, independent and by fair means.


When we are running, we don't walk up mountains. This keeps the game simple to understand and the goals clear. There is the possibility of success and also failure which can be experienced by a solitary runner at 3000m in Switzerland or on a small summit in the Lake District.


Running should mean free movement in the mountains, a truly liberating experience. We can't pretend it isn't hard, but we can establish a novice on a sustainable running platform from which to train and get into the hills or help the established athlete adapt and gain mountain skills and insights.

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