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  lake district  

This is where we live and work.

The birthplace of mountain sport and home of mountain running, there is nowhere like it for detail, history and grandeur within one small collection of mountains and lakes.

In 2017, the Lake District  was inscribed by UNESCO as a world heritage site for its unique and globally significant cultural landscape. Mountain sport, with its roots in Romanticism and self-discovery, is part of that inscription. Our guides can introduce you to some of the key themes and places in this cultural landscape. As well as the mountain tops, we can show you the often hidden beauties of the landscape that surrounds the lake shores, the old villa estates, lost gardens and ancient carridgeways.

Whether it's your first outing or a winter route across frozen summits, our guides can help you unlock the Lake District. Day, weekends or extended courses, solo, groups, walking or running. We can also help you explore the Lakes by bike - mountain or gravel - and many of our clients combine mountain excursions with lake and tarn open water swimming.

The best of the Lakes - food, drink and Inns

The Lake District's heritage is in tourism, our inns have been serving tired and hungry travellers for over 200 years. Today our guides can help you discover the Lake District's best food, craft beer, great hotels, inns and pubs.

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Train for the Alps.

Heading for the mountains?

The air may be thinner there, but our Lake routes can go as steep as you like. Find some fitness for climbing or high altitude walking. Start looking at your equipment choices for a lighter and faster approach. 

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